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a story of passion

The Winenot story began with an encounter between Paul and David. Paul, a Burgundian wine producer, grew up surrounded by climates. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay run in his veins. Davis, a sales agent and wine specialist.

A shared passion for local produce and a taste for adventure… this was all it took for the two accomplices to create Winenot together in 2008.

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David Colliot
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local wines

Winenot invites you on a journey through the grape varieties and wine-growing regions of France and Europe. Thanks to an inventive, gourmet selection, Winenot wines are the perfect accompaniment to every moment of life. Winenot reveals the diversity of terroirs for your greatest pleasure!

for vocation

At the source of each of our wines is a single passion: to translate these unique terroirs so that the truth of the finest grape varieties is revealed in the glass.

Winenot is committed to spreading its strong values, such as passion for wine and respect for the environment and terroirs. Winenot also embodies a spirit of innovation and know-how, expressed in the creation of strong, lasting ties with its winemaking partners.

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In fact, all our wines come from rigorous selections: strict specifications, checks at the various stages of production by the producers we work alongside. Then a second selection is made during vat-by-vat tastings, where only the most promising juices are chosen for tomorrow’s cuvées.

Winenot is also a dynamic team, with a strong presence on the French and export markets thanks to quality brands and products adapted to consumer expectations.


You’ll soon find all our vintages in our online store!

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